Friday, 18 November 2016

Mornings like this

   Temptation looms at every street corner, boulangerie or even local Carrefour city. Needless to say I have developed the superpower - or bad habit - of shamelessly eating a whole bar of chocolate in 15 minutes, undeterred by the ensuing tooth ache because oh-the-irony I am sensitive to sweetness! However, life is short and my stay in Paris even shorter so I'm Carpe diem-ing all the way. This morning I treated myself to my favourite tea (Fortnum & Mason black peach), my new favourite read and a mouth-watering brioche loaf from La maison Pralus. 😋

    I was in heaven. Pure butter heaven to be more exact, filled with pounded pralines and more chocolate chips I could have ever asked for. Its creator was the founder of the Maison Pralus who was awarded the highly coveted 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' in 1955. The smell of this brioche loaf is enough to make you want candles and bath products made of it. The perfect recipe for a chill morning in bed whilst watching the millionth episode of Gilmore Girls (CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEW SERIES) 🙌

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