Monday, 10 August 2015

Superhero series | Haircare products that changed my life

Cue emotional Ludovico Einaudi song that plays in the background of every tear-wrenching ad, a year ago I was 'diagnosed', shall we say, with mild psoriasis which, happy days, was mainly on my scalp. Combined with split ends, it was not my best year in terms of hair health. Fear not, I found the holy grail of products and now after extensive review-ing I'm about to gush about them.

No matter how tomboy-ish or girly, we all want nice healthy hair. Mine was quite far from #hairgoals a few months ago; it was dull, broken, dry, frizzy, itchy, you name it. I was confused because I was using relatively expensive shampoos and all sorts of treatment creams but it was not the money I was fuelling this search for the right haircare, it was where I was looking.

Going off the beaten path with beauty can sometimes really pay off. It's the less mediatised brands that often focus more of their budget on creating better products as compared to paying to feature in fashion magazines (i.e where I used to get my information about all things beauty up till then).

Cue a switch to blogging and I remember reading someone's review of Philip Kingsley's products which made me think I tick all the right boxes for a good match of their stuff. It stands in the more pricey region of products but a little goes a long way and it has honestly been a life saver for me/my hair.

Their ranges are half beauty focused half medicinal and most of them are targeted to at least one issue of the hair or scalp. This latter was very important for me since nothing was making the psoriasis back down. The Itchy/Flaky Scalp Toner by Philip Kingsley is super gentle, comes in the form of a liquid toner just like you would use on your skin and you can apply directly after pat drying your hair by massaging the droplets into the areas that are affected. In my case, it calmed it down in a day or two and after applying it regularly for a few weeks, the area was healed and the psoriasis rarely came back. Find out more about their ranges and products HERE.
The second knight-in-shining-armour comes in small packaging and at the reasonable price of £6.99, but don't let this Boots find fool you. My friend at the time, who coincidentally had the long healthy hair I so much longed for, swore by this product and so I thought I'd give this piece of word of mouth advertising some attention. This is how I became hooked on the OGX Organic Coconut Oil Hydrating mist. It's a dream for fussy people like myself who want the results without having to deal with greasy products and cumbersome formulae. We want quick, on the go, visible results. This little bottle will deliver just that. It smells as you would expect: delicious! They somehow made the oil very slick and from spraying it into the palm of your hands, to running it through your wet hair, no oil will be left behind - cue happy dance for not spending minutes on end trying to rinse the oil off! It has genuinely mended my split ends and I always go back to it whenever I feel my hair needs a bit of TLC and vitamin boost.Buy it HERE.

So here you have it, my long hair history that you did NOT ask for but that hopefully will help you!

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