Saturday, 29 August 2015

Out of office!

Bags are packed! Actually, by the time this goes up I'll be recovering from jetlag. Weeeelll, maybe I'm exaggerating, I don't even know if there's much of a time difference... we'll live, we'll see, we'll learn.
Caesar eat your heart out.

Anyway, this is the happy time of year, when I live mostly outdoors, sun shining, plenty of freshly squeezed fruit juices, crystal clear waters, in short, paradise. I'm a sucker for maps - I collect them from each place I liked. I also like to think the post survives because of my postcard sending to my friends...I'll be sponsored by the Royal Mail any day now.

This year I'm upping my own game with the Infinity Metallic Tattoos with Romanian ethnic motifs. I can't wait to share them and so much more (think volcano hike vues, bikini for days and lots and lots of food) on my Instagram account which you can find at ana.persinaru :)

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