Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Try | RawCoco Bucharest

I tried the first raw vegan sweet shop in Romania. Verdict : an interesting experience and some food for thought.

A small, coquettish house. An elegant handwritten sign. And a very appetising display case.

The shop is a revelation, I love seeing concepts like these planted in places where mentalities towards food and lifestyle in general needs a bit of an update. For those who don't know, Romanian food is very heavy, oily and meat based. Don't get me wrong, it's also tasty and great during family holidays but in the long run it can't do good to your system overall.

Cue in my 'Eat Clean' challenge to prove that you can go really far with simple natural ingredients. That seems to be Raw Coco's ethos as well. Their natural cold pressed juices (that you can get stand-alone or as part of a detox cleanse) are made with ingredients such as chlorella and spirulina - funny names to me at least. 

Their cakes are super delicious and filling too. I had the RawCoco cake with a chocolate and rose layer. They don't contain eggs or flour or refined sugar but are made mainly from blitzed nuts and dates which you can then mix with almost whatever you want - options are endless! 

I recommend you go even if you're sceptical about this - the prices are a bit high as is the case with places like these - but it's a good learning curve and might just make you experiment with more unconventional ingredients from now on.

RawCoco website HERE for recipes and information.

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