Monday, 20 July 2015

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Game, set, match!

Court side essentials + a huge glass of orange juice

Sunday was abominably hot. Like 42 degree hot - yes, yes, subsaharian desert temperatures have become quite the norm it seems.
It was also the day of the BRD Bucharest Open tennis women's final. 

Ok, so I set the scene, right? Unbearably hot, no trace of clouds, outdoor tennis for hours. How these women do it, I have no idea but I do have a lot of respect.

The atmosphere was nice as in only people who actually care about the sport turn up. It's a shame that it's not as publicised and not many people know they can buy tickets - and for really cheap at that too, especially when you factor in that tennis players like Djokovic graced the rusty coloured courts. 

We were there only for the women's final (heat and all, have I mentioned how hot it was already?!?) between Sara Errani and Anna Schmiedlova from Italy and Slovakia respectively. It was a very good match that kept less-knowledgeable spectators such as myself thoroughly entertained. Sara's grunts were intimidating to say the least but in the end Anna proved more agile and she won overall. 

- Moral of the story?

- There's a lot of women out there giving their all for the things they are most passionate about. Heat or no heat, good day or bad, they turn up and perform brilliantly. No matter the outcome, it's the trying that counts!

Have an inspired and productive week everyone!

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