Thursday, 30 April 2015

Road to lectures

Okay so my camera decided to act up and the photos are kinda fuzzy...don't you just wish you had a portraitist following you about everywhere, drawing you flawlessly? Actually no, that would classify as creepy and stalkerish.

Anyhow, I had a 'great' day of lectures where I swear I genuinely contemplated putting my sunglasses on and nap for a little while. Sleep, why y no happen? I didn't let the grumpiness of 5 hours sleep get to me though and I aptly faked being a functioning human being with this comfy God-sent outfit.

For once I am not head to toe Zara. The trousers though are a staple, they are the comfiest thing above trackies. And that coat, 3 sizes bigger but I love the masculine shape and again it feels like a cocoon, perfect for dozing off in the middle of a grammar lesson...

Moschino sunglasses |  Anthropologie coat  |  TKMaxx rucksack  |  Uniqlo cardigan  |  
Mango batik top  |  Seiko watch  |  Zara trousers  |  Bata boots

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