Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What I'd call a perfect weekend

Term's almost done and the trip to Florence fast approaching (expect a ton of photos on here). That didn't mean that I couldn't treat myself to a weekend city break to London to see my mum.
We did all the girly weekend things we used to do when we lived there and it was blissfully decadent with no grammar assignments or essays due. We started with macaroons from Ladurée, of which I'd recommend the Cherry Blossom, then headed to the Royal Academy to see the Rubens exhibition. It was a path down memory lane in itself, to the days when I used to study Rubens, Vigée Le Brun and Fragonard for History of Art...oh those were the days.

As if we didn't have enough sugar in our systems, we stopped at the Royal Cafe, my absolute favorite hunt for a cheeky desert. I had the Earl Grey ice tea with passionfruit and the Bahime chocolate mousse. The photos speak for themselves.

And since we found ourselves on Regent Street...it goes without saying that a lot of shopping had to be done. After all, who doesn't need an updated transition wardrobe??
For dinner, we went at Zebrano's on Carnaby Street and had the traditional London menu, burger, steak and all the guilty feelings.

Sunday consisted of more food, art galleries and sooo much sunshine it was incredible. I finally walked around Regent Park and winding streets lined with detached whitewashed houses. The obligatory stop at Wallace Collection to say hi to Fragonard's The Swing and dinner at Spoons in Holborn. You'd be surprised to hear I actually did work (mediocre one at that) on the train back at 11pm. It's not all play and no work after all...

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