Sunday, 15 March 2015

And we're off again!

I'm trying to decide whether I like having my life neatly packed in one (huge) suitcase. I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a materialistic person but damn is it hard to leave stuff behind. What if I'll suddenly decide to make that brigt pink jumper work while away? And what if I finally decide to start that novel that's been gathering dust on my nightstand?

That's when RyanAir steps in and says 'Nah mate, 20 kilos max, remember?' - yes, in my head RyanAir sounds a bit thugish. So 20 it has to be. Sorry beige suede bag, you will not be seeing Florence this time :(

Think about it though, 20 kilos for 5 weeks isn't that easy a feat. I'm packing for 2 weeks in Florence and Rome, then a week in Bucharest and another one in Budapest and Vienna. Oh did I forget to mention the mountain of books that need to come with me for revision??

Anyway, I will try to keep this space updated with stuff I'm up to but it'll be pretty difficult. I love a good challenge though. Have a good break peeps! x

1. 'One a day' diary |  2. Mango dress  |  3. My Passport - unique I'm afraid  |  4. Kure pink nailpolish
             5.  Malvensky 'The kiss' pendant  |  6. Captain Corelli's Mandolin  |  7. Geox flats
                                                             8. Aqua di Gioia by Armani

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