Friday, 20 February 2015

The comfort revolution

When I was 14 I distinctly remember holding a grudge on my mum for not letting me wear skinny jeans like everyone else at my new school. It's funny how certain images stay with you in as much detail as if they are just passing by your eyes; yes, I'm talking about the image of me looking down to my kinda clunky Nike black plimsoles and (cringe) bootcut jeans. 

Back then, skinny fit = cool. More than cool actually, it was the epitomy of being so independent that you could buy whatever you wanted regardless of your parents' dissaproval. Obviously my mum gave in at one point, it was bound to happen, and I got my way. I would ONLY wear skinny jeans and felt like I would never look back to the days of straight cut or God-forbid...flared trousers.

It only goes to show how much we change and how our sense of style changes with us. Was it then a happy coincidence that I mostly wear boyfriend jeans and Anthropologie's latest newsletter advertised the return of the slouchy look??

I can definitely notice a change in trends and it's only natural that after years of caging our legs in tight and frankly unforgiving denim we're going to need a breather. And in my books it's more than welcome - when you have a 9 to 4 lectures and supervisions kind of day there is nothing that you could want more than to feel like you're wearing pijamas whilst also looking more "together" than you really are.

For the coming spring -hang in there, March is just around the river bend- I predict wide cropped trousers in any fabric, colour and pattern paired with equally flowy tops for maximum comfort and that French girl je m'en fiche je ne sais quoi. Did I overdo it with the French?? 

& Other Stories necklace  |  Mum's old jumper  |  Zara satin ribbon capris  |  Staccato shoes |  Malvensky infinity ring  |  Seiko watch

Extra treat for having scrolled so far down!

These outtakes were just too good not to be put on the internet. Sometimes the sass takes over.

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  1. You look great in the oversized sweater!


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