Friday, 9 January 2015

Operatic opulence

Going to the Opera invariably takes me back to when I was a little (-er) girl, transfixed by the grace of the ballerinas that I then copied for days on end. My parents took me every winter and even if I technically don't live at home anymore I thought it wasn't reason enough to give up our tradition.
More so than ballerinas, the actual going to the Opera is an event in itself that made even the mini fashionista in me squeal with excitement at the prospect of donning my 'Sunday best' as it were and feel nothing short of Anastasia in the Paris scene of the eponimous cartoon. Whilst she might be wearing Chanel, I'm wearing Zara - but it could well be Valentino which is where the inspiration from this jumpsuit comes. 

It's one of my favorite pieces and it's easy to see why. First of all, it's damn comfortable since it's shorts and quite loose fitting, just how I like most of my clothes. But then made appropriatelly sexy by the leg exposure and sheer back. And let's not forget that chic white collar and sheer panneling. Just another time when Zara put the dot on the i.

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