Friday, 28 November 2014

Don't take this the wrong way but...

When did Photobooth photos become a 'guilty' pleasure? Oh wait...have they never been socially acceptable past the age of 12? 
Nevermind, I'm bringing them back even though I don't expect anyone else to do the same. It's so hard trying to shoot photos past 3 pm without a tripod, lights, the works since it gets so dark so quickly, which is why my laptop had to do. The idea is that I liked my makeup for a formal dinner I went to so it couldn't go undocumented.

I'm very into deep red and berry shades of lipstick since November, as is pretty much every makeup loving person in the blogosphere, so I won't claim any patents here. But they make it seem so easy, finding the perfect shade, the perfect finish and let's not forget the application because let me tell you sometimes you can't do it without a lip brush and ain't no one got time for that. 

The idea is that you should have fun with both your fashion and your makeup and try new things because you never know what might turn out to be you signature look for the rest of your highschool/uni/ actual life career. Don't worry if down the line you regret the odd blue eyeshadow or corduroy pinafore meant for librarians, it's all part of your sartorial journey so might as well embrace it and laugh at it from now on.

Maybelline 10 H lipstain in Ruby HERE | Rimmel Glam'eyes gel eyeliner HERE | Natural Collection brown mascara HERE | Zara dress HERE | Primark tights | H by Hudson boots from Anthropologie sales last year (old post HERE) | Malvensky infinity ring HERE


  1. Lovely photo booth photos! You look lovely when you smile.

  2. nice :)

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