Thursday, 16 October 2014

The tripple 'B' award: Best Bohemian Bistro

Yours truly can say this hand on heart, this is a great little place in Bucharest. So great in fact that I've now taken to talking in third person.

Off the beaten path of cluby music and overpriced juices in the Old City in Bucharest's center, Plastilina is really a hidden gem. So much so that you have a pretty had time finding it were it not for the vintage Romanian car parked in the garden bearing the bistro's name.

The decor is pretty retro as you can see and a delightful mix between Romanian folk and Pinterest, which as we all know is a rather softer spot of mine. It went down a treat, gathering with old and new friends at the light of bell jars and over some delicious home made goodies. I had the rice pudding which was super tasty and not as sweet as I usually have it. It's certainly not a bad thing since we're only meant to eat 25g of sugar a day whilst the average European eats around 100g a day....and we all know I love my sugar more than the average European.

They have a lengthy list of teas, wines, juices and smoothies but I opted for the sour cherry milkshake with wheat germs. If only you could make these sort of things at home. If you do...what are you doing reading this?!

Anyways, to wrap this up, it is such a great find, quiet and cosy and not a botoxed lip in sight...a true feat during Bucharest's heatwave and afferent clubbing crowds.

If this has sparked your interest, you can find Plastilina on Facebook, and on other review websites such as

Happy bohemian afternoons!

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