Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The men's section: a world beyond

Pull & Bear men's jumper, shopping from the men's section

Swishing hair

Autumn outfit blog post
Pull & Bear men's jumper, Uniqlo skinny jeans, Seiko watch, Nike Roshe Runs, Fred de la Bretoniere bag.

Autumn hair brown balayage and caramel highlights

Autumn hair brown balayage and caramel highlights

If you've been around the blogs, reading on the new, trendy way to shop then you've inevitably been shamed that you haven't found the perfect white shirt, baggy jeans or oversized t-shirt in the men's department.

What is it with the exoticism surrounding the usually monochromatic masculine section? I for one find it intimidating even when paying for regular women's stuff at the men's counter. A little like accidentally walking in the men's bathroom, you get eyed up and down.  Usually you're labelled as either lost or shopping for a boyfriend/dad...but then why would you size clothes on yourself?

The whole androgynous current in todays' fashion, both high street and designer, claims to make women look effortlessly cool but there's little weirder than plucking up the courage to go past that gender boundary. At least that's what it feels to me as I'm no fashion wild child (as if you haven't noticed that) or facebook proclaimed 'feminist' or model for that matter.

This jumper is, however, a pretty exception from the norm. Different from Zara or H&M, there are no marked entrances for men or women in Pull & Bear so when I eyed this mustard autumn meets military meets my family name initial jumper, I just did not care. I don't know if it looks like a men's piece apart from the shoulder stitches and I don't feel particularly masculine wearing it given I wear baggy tops as a rule but I do feel slightly cooler wearing it.

Am I a menswear fashion follower then? Mmmm, not yet but at least now I might venture past the basic tees.

What about you, which till do you line up at?

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