Monday, 27 October 2014

Malvensky infinity ring

I thought I'd do a quick (read as lazy) post about my favorite piece of jewelry at the moment. I'm a big wearer of rings mainly because they have no clasp/ closing system like bracelets or necklaces that for some reason I just cannot work. And layering rings is a) super easy b)looks sophisticated c) everyone will notice. In conclusion, a win-win situation.

This ring was in theory a results day present, a sort of memento of all the school assemblies I do not have to go to now that I'm at uni (god that sounds weird still). I wear it every day and toy around with it on my fingers and it just reminds me of home, of how far I've gotten and what a loong way I still have to go. I've engraved it with a lyric from one of my favourite songs that not only means a lot to me (duh, why would I put it on there otherwise) but also takes me back to the good ol' summer days and I just instantly feel relaxed and it just puts things into perspective somehow.

The design of the ring is based on the Infinite Column by Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian born sculptor that I admire and the symbolism of his statue is really intriguing and feels genuine to my personality. When I saw this collection on the Malvensky website, the jewelry designer that came up with the idea for the ring, I knew I would get my hands on it one day or another.

There are lots of other pieces of jewelry with this motif in her collection as well as others (I particularly like The Kiss pendant) so if you're looking to treat yourself or a loved one for Christmas or, why the heck not, just like that then I recommend the Malvensky jewelry range that you can check out by clicking HERE.

Anyway, I'll leave you to it, there's a pile of uni washing that needs tending to and a bigillion of other actually important stuff that I'm just shoving in an imaginary corner and avoid doing. Ah, the life of a semi-adult #blessed #not

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  1. Beautiful ring!


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