Friday, 10 October 2014

Brown leaves everywhere!!

Autumn fashion

The perfect autumn day implied a cute fall outfit. Look around any fashion website or magazine and you'll see celebrities nonchalantly donned in Burberry's monogrammed ponchos that do look nice but carry an equally pretty price tag. 

Cue me on successive shopping sprees looking for THE poncho. Little did I know I'd find it in Pimkie for under 20 pounds. I mean, all this lovely coloured soft knitted mass of knitwear for that amount is a good bargain in my books and it somehow crept its way into my shopping bag. Shock, horror, I know I know.

It is just perfect though and really the only socially acceptable way you can wear a blanket in public.                                                          Oh how I do love sunny autumn days!

Sunny autumn day in Herastrau park

Valentino lookalike Pimkie poncho

Pimkie autumn poncho
ZARA necklace, top and jeans | Pimkie poncho wrap thing | Aldo boots | Malvensky infinity ring
Pimkie autumn poncho

Pimkie poncho and Malvensky infinity ring

Herastrau park macro nature photography

Autumn fashion with Brancusi style romanian statue

Fall autumn in Bucharest Herastrau

Fashion blogger pulling silly faces

Squirel with a nut  in mouth

Outfit details with Malvensky infinity ring

Autumn leaves

Nuts macro shot

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