Saturday, 4 October 2014

Aerial plant desk buddy

Tillandsia aerial plant macro

Impending uni move coming soon, I'm thinking about transporting as much of my old room and life as I possibly can. I'm thinking it will all amass to a van-load of stuff (there is really no better word for it than 'stuff').

This little guy I have taken to call Marco will also be coming with me and inhabiting my desk. I'm not sure how much green I'll be seeing from my room window but I think I can consider him as a miniature tree/pineapple.

I picked him myself at the Creative Est fair in Bucharest (Facebook page linked HERE) from the Aerium stand (Facebook HERE and Website HERE). You can tell a brand's coolness by their stickers...and theirs' made it on my laptop. Initially, the little plant and its support were only for show but I guess I made a pretty convincing plea since the girl who makes them so to speak, a biology student and holder of the said cool idea, sold it to me. 

Marco's scientific name is Tillandsia and apparently he comes from South America. Plants like him only use their roots for support and instead take water and nutrients from the air and dust. There's two ways of 'feeding' them: either a spray water on them 2-3 times a week or leave them to soak in a bowl of water for an hour once per week. 

If this doesn't seem like the coolest, funnest, easiest plant then I give up!

Aerium aerial plant company, tillandisia plant

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