Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Romanian visual narrative

Primark flower scrunchie, Zara dress, Hobb's platforms, TK Maxx bag, Malvensky ring

What do you wear to an informal talk about the Romanian visual narrative and identity within the media? 

Obviously something red and white. And voila my desperate attempt to cling to my summer wardrobe before the knitwear takes over. The Zara dress is a vision really, it's so airy but not too thin and it has a cute cocoon kind of shape without making you look frumpy. Clearly a good find but I didn't wear it half as much as I wanted to this summer sooo september will just have to wait until I run through my outfits again. 

To mention the occasion, La Blouse Roumaine invited me to their talk/discussion held at the Galateca in Bucharest (where the china and other interior design objects from the photos are). The starting topic was Romanian visual narrative and the guest speaker was Mick Davis, one of Hollywood's directors who not only appreciates Romania's cinematic talent but also encourages young people to promote their country through storytelling and film. He was really funny, albeit shy at first, but I really enjoyed myself hearing his life stories and his answers to our questions. It was engaging and mature to say the least and we've left feeling like we could do achieve all that we want if we put our minds to it. 

If you don't already, support the La Blouse Roumaine group for more uplifting and restored hope in the preservation of Romania's cultural identity.

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  1. I LOVE your outfit, it is so cute!



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