Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Indecisive weather dilemas

How do you deal with bipolar weather?

Public transport is obviously hot (all those people together, exchanging body heat, you know the drill, we all hate it) and so is your room/office/class but what about in between? I always find at this time of year it's either nice and toasty or so cold you can feel your toes going numb and blue. 

And for any other normal human it's kinda hard to have all your bases covered. If you have a personal assistant that just carries jackets and sweaters around then you my friend are not what we call normal. Which is why layering is such a staple of any autumn wardrobe or fashion collection.

Usually you'll have some sort of under layer, vest or t-shirt, you could get to in case of major tropical surroundings. Also usually, not many people will get to see this because you'll have a sweater or cardigan-type-contraption over it. On top of these two things that together will form your daily armour to hide food babies and a multitude of other such 'sins' you'll most likely throw a blazer, jacket or coat. Foul-proof for any weather, sure, but a pain to be a slave to your own wardrobe.

I've attempted such an outfit here, although it was more summer than autumn but you get the gist. For now, I'll be relying on my espadrilles from Madrid, Gap boyfriend cut jeans (aka the most comfortable jeans known to man), Sisely top and Benetton knitted sweater. You could always pull a double denim and pair this with an extra jean jacket or a thicker cardigan and duffel coat. Footwear-wise, short suede boots will do the trick just fine. To pull the whole thing together, Bobbi Brown's sheer lipstick in 'Peach' and Malvensky Infinite ring, my new favorite, go very well together because rarely do lipsticks and rings disagree.


  1. I love those sunglasses!!! They really suit you :)


    1. Thank you, that's really sweet! They're actually from Primark for 2 pounds...a pretty good find right? :)


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