Monday, 1 September 2014

Dainty paint pots

Summer is the best time to get creative with your nails. More so than in any season, summer nail polishes rise to the status of accessories. I won't go as far as saying that the sartorial impact they make is crucial but if you can have fun with one more aspect of your look, why not jump on that bandwagon and try yourself some of my favourite nail polishes?

I have been saving the Barry M Gelly effect nail polish in 'Blueberry' for months now, waiting for that perfect hint of tan and bleached light of july sun to complement this lovely candy - cornflour blue. It was my first Barry M purchase and totally converted me. It lasted a full 10 days, no chips and there still was shine to it. The application is really smooth and I love the brush, long enough so it gets to the product and fans out to paint a large strip of nail. Everything that makes your life easy. Which is why I also got it in the colour 'Vanilla' from the Matte collection.

Did I need more reasons to love & Other Stories?

This cute round bottle of 'Ecarlate Pink' was featured in a previous favourites type concoction which only means one thing: it has passed the test of time! The colour is a sophisticated dusty pink, perfect on any skin tone, age, occasion. You name it, this will do it. It won't paint itself, I'm afraid to admit but no worries, the brush is super easy to use.

Everyone needs a bit of sparkle. Fact. I got my fix from the cheapest and most reliable nail polish brands out on the high street (aka Boots), Rimmel. This clear nail polish goes by the name of '500 Disco Ball' and has specks of silver, baby pink and baby blue, making it perfect either to wear it on its own for a subtle nod to your sparkly childhood or over other colours - see above - for a more glamorous look. 

Lastly, one of my go-to shades, the nude of my summer palette shall we say, is Max Factor's Glossfinity 'Cute Coral' polish. I can only describe the shade as fizzy Aperol with grapefruit, the kind you enjoy from a whitewashed greek house just as the sun sets over the deep blue sea. 

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