Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer well 2014

It feels like I've karated my way through a brick wall, that's how tired I am. And that new sofa bed I'm now sleeping on? Yeah, not that comfy. I've actually counted 20 hours of sleep in three days, which for me is just not enough to function on, especially after the week in Vama Veche.

Nonetheless, I had so much fun at Summer well, my first ever festival (no camping involved) that took place this year in around Bucharest. It was held on a private estate Palatul Stirbey, which is otherwise a kind of monument with a big park, a lake and a manor house all transformed into a fun park for the 10.000 people that turned up.

I guess you want to know about the music too, huh? The two main reasons for me going were Bastille who headlined on Saturday to a really enthusiastic crowd and their performance live really rekindled my love for their music, which has been stuck in my head for the past two days (if you meet a freak screaming fire fire fire! that's me and credits to you if you know the song and started humming it too). The second reason was in the form of the blondie that is Tom Odell and his sultry voice. His concert was so much fun in the sense that you could see he was enjoying it and they had moments of improv and it really felt like a jam session which was pretty darn cool. You'll see I took an embarrassingly large number of close up pictures of him, don't ask why.

The organisers apparently thought it all through by having tons of stuff to do around the main stage like an outdoor cinema, a hot air balloon, a massive air mattress, food courts, creative stuff and diy stations by brands like H&M. The perfect way to lure you in a 1 hour and a half queue for a burger. Had I not already payed, I would have waltzed right out of there.

All I'm left with now is post concert blues, a snazzy bracelet and memories of laughing so hard that my stomach started aching. Or maybe it's that elbow to the ribs I received during 'Pompeii'? 

Primark top, Oysho bra, Zara skirt from 5 years ago, Kipling bag, Geox trainers from 6 years ago

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