Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Oscars of my highschool career

Sometimes, getting ready for an event is in actuality more fun than the occasion. Case in point, this year's prom.

I was laughingly joking with my mum that this will probably be the last 'all-out' event before my own wedding, that's how intense it was. 

However, despite a teeny-tiny bit of nerves and stress, it all worked out well in the end, the piece de la resistance of my look being the Rhea Costa dress. I cannot stop talking about it or swishing around the house in it humming the Cinderella song 'So this is love'. It's just how it makes me feel; it's completely different, out of this world elegant and sheer, tastefully shimmery and can we just talk about that a line skirt? Can you see how dreamy it swils around?? And it's a true reflection of the designer's entire collection, they're all equally as ethereally beautiful. Oh and I may or may not have mentioned it's a Romanian brand - the perfect opportunity to showcase homecountry talent!

I paired the icy blue dress with incredibly high (for me) heels from Kurt Geiger which, I'm sorry but they are all sold out now, and a clutch white bag from Zara as I didn't want it to distract from the dress and I also don't get along well with satin-y things so this was perfect. head :)). It took some work, mother nature was just not cooperating that day, but thank goodness for makeup! I opted for a subtle and natural looking makeup at the DIOR counter in Selfridges - ask for Rachel, she's the best - and for a front braid with loose curls at William Thomas Gaughan's salon. 

'Nuf said, just look at the picture and appreciate the attempt at a photo shoot!

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