Friday, 25 July 2014

Breakfast for students

Studying is hard work okay? So breakfast is the best way to start a productive day without weighing your body down with fat, cholesterol or processed sugars. Nope, the way to go is this! 

I combine a handful or less of Allos Amaranth Chocolate muesli with a two tablespoons of coconut milk yogurt (the 99% coconut one) and two or three tablespoons of normal plain yogurt. On that I sometimes sprinkle some passionfruit powder or matcha powder, depending on the palette I'm going for that day. This morning I decided on a trio combination which is actually a cheat four. Starting with blueberries and coconut flakes, then a lot of chia seeds and finally my favourite banana chips for some crunch.

To drink, I actually took Fleur from Fleur de Force's advice. I had sencha green tea powder in the house before but with just water it don't taste very nice (at all). So to that I added a squirt of agave syrup and some hazelnut milk, my FAVOURITE, to create a tea latte sort of concoction. I'm happy to report there was a massive improvement on the taste front!


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