Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Time to think of summer!

Oysho bikini (HERE); Victoria's Secret Linen Beach Trousers (HERE); Asos body chain (HERE); River Island sunnies (HERE); Nivea in shower moisturiser (HERE)

Dreaming of my impending trip to the sandy beaches, I cannot wait! I'm very into the blue and yellow combination for bikinis, I think it looks very flattering even when you haven't quite gotten enough of a tan.
The other thing I know I'll be relying on is the Nivea moisturiser, it's truly a life saver! You know that feeling when you're just too lazy and too in rush to properly massage body lotion into your skin only to have your cold shirt stick to the cream? Yep, nothing to do with this one! You simply apply on clean skin and rinse off and you're left with about 12 hours' worth of smooth skin, fragrant with the signature Nivea smell (they do have other scents too)!

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  1. Great post,love it!



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