Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday flatlay

I cannot stop recommending 'livingthehealthychoice's instagram, it's so inspiring! Asside from the pretty colours and amazing photographs, the recipes are super delicious AND healthy and I cannot wait to try this raw strawberry cake which I don't think involves baking. There's one less risk of it failing!

These are a life saver, especially during revision weeks. I got them on a whim from Wholefoods because they had a sale on but I've been hooked ever since. Each sachet contains green tea powder that you mix with cold water and voila, your super healthy drink is done! It contains 3 times the daily recommended amount of vitamin C as well as gives you so much energy. Testimonial here: history of art revision, jogging sesh, blogging and some french revision. Productive or what!

If you read Tanya Burr's blog as religiously as I do, you would have come across this product she mentioned a few months ago. I was instantly intrigued since I'm super scared of tanning products (ughhh, the shudder at those orange smears) but I am a lover of Clarins' ones. The conclusion is they cancel eachother out! It's not too expensive at 18 pounds but it's quite hard to get your hands on. I finally found a few bottles in Selfridges but I haven't seen them online anywhere. The formula is smooth and milky and it takes a few good hours for the colour to show. It's the perfect hint of a tan that on a pale skin like mine doesn't look too much or too fake, I love it. I'd recommend applying it about twice a week and don't forget to massage some onto the neck and chest too so it's all smooth and even.

Cutest present ever! Laduree+recipes+lifestyle tips on the lines of 'leave your pearls out so they absorb the moisture in the air and keep their lustre' (pff, as if I had pearls :)) )=me in a nutshell

These beauties...just perfect! I can't wait to do a post on these, I can just see them working perfectly with boyfriend jeans for a 'off-duty-artist' look or with a lacey flowery skirt to cut the sweetness short. 

If you guys have any suggestions for amazing products/things you tried and loved, do feel encouraged to share ^.^

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