Sunday, 27 April 2014

Summer body wishlist

Livingthehealthychoice Instagram (HERE); Nike Air Max Thea (HERE); Water Bottle (HERE); Hazelnut Milk (HERE); Oysho leggings (HERE)

A little bit of fitness inspiration. Follow Livingthehealthychoice's instagram for amazing healthy receipes almost every day and then have some hazelnut milk, my new obsession. Personally, I find soy and almond milk too flavourless and watery but this...this is Starbucks tofee nut latte sans all the chemical, coffee or sugar! It's slightly sweetened with Agave syrup which makes it very nice to drink.

The water bottle is applicable outside the gym too, especially if you're too good at procrastinating like me (the very reason why I'm writing this post).

Finally, the ultimate stylish combination: Oysho x Nike. One can dream!

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