Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bobbi Brown Nectar eye palette

I not-so-proudly present to you: my old Bobbi Brown neutrals palette. You might well be disgusted by the state it's in but cleaning it meant hiding its actual grubbiness and the where would journalistic truth be eh? This is borderline expired and whilst it used to be perfectly formulated, it now creases at the eyelid and it just looks tired and dusty. It performs that way too.

I was super excited around winter last year when she released a warm neutrals palette and I envy all of you who managed to get your hands on it because yes, like most things I like, it was limited edition. And in true spirit, it took me ages to decide to buy it until surprise! it wasn't available any more.

Therefore, having established the back story, I now present to you: my new Bobbi Brown Nectar eye palette! Drums and trumpets and the whole debacle please.

Isn't it a thing of beauty? Even the sun came out, knowing I was taking photos of it.

My review of it so far: It is very cleverly made up. If you want something both brown and pink, matte and shiny, day and night in the same palette this is it (and don't just mop around like I did and go buy it). The ends have the very light beige which I use as the all over base and highlighter under my brows and in the inner corner of the eyes as well as a dark brown colour that is either for smokey eye effects or you can also use it as eye liner by dabbing with the flat end of the brush. Afterwards, there are two pairs of colours: a set of champagne pink matte + sparkle and a set of warm cement matte + gold sparkle. Off course you can mix and match, have all sparkly or all matte. Thing with the sparkles that I liked was that it's not at all chunky, doesn't look like 12 year-old's craft project glitter glue when applied and adds just that pretty hint of shine. 

I've also bargained my way into getting an eye cream sample which I haven't used yet (keeping it for exam times) and a booklet with beauty tips which true, is meant for future brides. Nope, still single, not an engagement ring in sight, but I might as well benefit from the beauty advice. No shame here.

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