Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ode to Daffodils

That's right, I keep all this random stuff in my bike basket. 
As a variation of the spring flatlay, I decided to switch it up and do an outdoorsy shoot of some of my recent favorites, one of which is this month's Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

I've been craving to be a tourist again for a while and this is just what the doctor ordered when you feel like you need to escape that dreaded routine.

I had a little (big, actually) shopping spree after my mocks and did some damage in & Other stories with this colour-of-the-year nail polish in 'Ecarlate Pink', a stretchy blue bracelet and a Lara Melchior ring and long necklace.

These hedgehog stuff-s are from Blott in Cambridge, the best stationary shop for hedgehog enthusiasts.
Find HERE.

This wallet from Bimba y Lola I shall call my baby...I have been looking for one for ages and this is in neoprene so it's easy to clean but also looks classy!

Finally, my favorite Lush product as of January is the Blackberry Bath Bomb which I cannot get enough of: it smells of sweet, floral purple, that's the best I can describe it as ^.^
Find it HERE.

Have a lovely start to spring! 

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