Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday flatlay

Trying to kill some of the mid-week blues? Or just feel like studying is a bit of a life-drainer, as I do? Here's an aesthetically pleasing pile of things I've loved in the past weeks.

Can we take a moment and swoon over this beauty? An 18th birthday present, I waited for 4 weeks (that's half a century in my patience-o-meter) to have it tightened but now it is, as Chandler would put it, 'perfection'. Plus, it's my first diamond ring and arguably the most mature piece of jewellery. Now I can trick people into thinking I'm engaged...I'm pretty sure that's what the sales person thought when he said 'Congratulations!'
Find it HERE.

One of the best finds of the winter sales season was this little gem of a perfume from Anthropologie. Originally though it was from an American brand called Ineke who have a really unique and fun (as this photo above proves) approach to their fragrances. I chose the Angel's Trumpet scent which is the most delicate floral, slightly sweet slightly fresh smell I've tried. And it doesn't smell like chemicals either, which is a big turn off when I buy perfumes. 
Find it HERE

My saviour of chapped lips. I'm almost too scared to say that this might be discontinued from the Lush range. It's a little (tiny actually) pot of crushed granulated sugar that tastes like chocolate and that leaves your lips flake free and covered in some miracle hydrating layer. What more can you want?
Ah good news! It's not discontinued and you can find it HERE

In the spirit of introducing you to exotic new things, here's the Romanian brand Herbagen that makes a slightly strange looking cream that leaves your face looking very pale but which, in hindsight, does the job pretty well!
Find it HERE.

Let's put some culture in the mix too! I've been enjoying Evelyn Waugh's sort of study/autobiography of the absurd behaviour and scandalous parties of the Bright Young Things of the 1920s. The subject and time period seemed very appealing and I wasn't disappointed. It's one of those get-up-in-the-morning-and-can't-resist-reading-it. And everyone needs one of those...
Find it HERE.

Finally, possibly the most exciting sale purchase. A Victoria's Secret robe in silk with the signature pink and white stripes. It was love at first sight for only 13 pounds and honestly, it boosts your confidence by 150%!
                                                                       Find it HERE.

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