Saturday, 15 February 2014

My new favorite gadget: room humidifier

My recent bout of pneumonia had some good come out of it; with the cough and everything, I needed a room humidifier and found this one. Safe to say, the best tech purchase ever.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the shape like a druid's potion. Plus, it lights up. I mean, as far as the design is concerned, it was love at first sight.
It has several light settings as well as 3 power levels depending on how much steam you want coming off - you can change everything from the power control buttons.

Inside, it has a 0.3 litter reservoir you fill with water. It's surprisingly small but lasts about 6 hours continuously.

This is now my favorite part: the humidifier can work with aromatherapy oils too, making your room smell amazing. So not only it humidifies and purifies the air, but it also acts like a candle without the extra heat.

I chose the Jasmine and De-Stress Jasmine and Lavander oils from the Absolute Aromas range you can find in Whole Foods or any other Holistic remedy shop. They're also great for scented baths, massages etc so it's a good investment.
Only a few drops in the little water reservoir -not the tank- are enough to scent the vapour.

If you're looking for a room humidifier or just a healthier alternative to candles, this is a one stop choice! Find it HERE.

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  1. beautiful humidifier, I like this humidifier, its design is beautiful


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