Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year's Eve

Hello 2014!

Although 5 days late, I couldn't skip a new year's post. Since stepping into the new year, I've made new friends, travelled 6 hours on a train, made life decisions, said goodbye to my best friend, flew to London, lost our suitcases and got some amazing news... I can't believe how much I take time for granted and the last two weeks in Romania have had such an impact on how I appreciate the present.

This year, more than ever, I need to stick to my resolutions. Not because they are 'trendy' or anything of the sort but because I feel I need to grow into my own shoes. Therefore, I compiled a list of a few aims for 2014:

  • worry less
  • be wiser when it comes to people
  • be more confident with my decisions
  • speak your mind
  • don't be a pushover
  • take every opportunity there is
I have all my faith put into 2014 and how can I not when so many amazing things will happen (me turning 18 -hurray- going to Uni and travelling in Europe with my best friend). I can't wait!

Credits to my best friend for the photos ^.^
Zara top, H&M neoprene skater skirt, Primark tights and H&M knee socks + Seiko watch and Corso Como flats

Pop it like pink champagne


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