Sunday, 19 January 2014

L'île flottante

Sudden realisation that I hadn't posted on my weekend in Paris from December! I don't quite know how to forgive myself so I don't expect you to but maybe, just maybe, the photos will make up for it. In all honesty, is a reason really necessary when talking about Paris?

Our room on the 4th floor of Hotel du Levant in the Quartier Latin - the full French expecience of narrow streets

Our beloved means of transport

Monument de la Bastille, where the fortress used to be

Narnia-like entrance to Place des Vosges

The exclusive shopping streets of Les Marais

You probably can't guess but my attire for the weekend was a Mango sweatshirt that said 'PARIS' in black sequins. How to show you're a tourist and you love Paris with one simple statement. 

The megalith that is Louvre
An amazing sunset over the railway next to the Tour Eiffel
Pont Alexandre II, the most romantic bridge ever
View from our boat cruise

Snapshots from the musical 1975 - an Eurovision show meets French Revolution

Oscar Wilde's grave in Pere Lachaise cemetery
...and lipstick marks on it
Inside of Musee de l'Armee

Christmas fair on the Elysee 
Me and my wedding dress
The Hermes window, absolute love!

Within the La Madeleine, the catholic temple church which is an absolute dream 
Place de la Vendome at nighttime in Christmas


  1. Hi :) I'm Iwona and I am a blogger and illustrator :) I just found your blog, which is interesting and cute:) I really like it :) I would like to show you my blog and my illustrations and If you get a second, I' d love to hear your thoughts on topic my illustrations and blog:) I greet:)

  2. paris is beautiful :p

  3. OMG!! J'adore Paris!!! Amazing pics!! And cute Rosa Clará bridal gown! I'm searching for mine right now, big experience! :)
    Mónica from MESVOYAGES A PARIS

    1. Oh my, good luck! I'd recommend Valentino bridal gowns all the way if you had unlimited budget, otherwise Pinterest has some amazing wedding boards :) x


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