Sunday, 12 January 2014

Breeze through the reed

In a last ditch attempt to relive my winter holiday I've resurfaced the photos taken during NYE celebrations. As I might have mentioned ('may have' being key, I can't remember), a group of friends and I rented the Casa Salzburg villa in the Transylvanian town of Sibiu. Despite the pretty long 5 hour train journey there and incredibly heavy luggage that was so crippling that I had to get a taxi for what would have been 700 meters from the station to the villa, it was really nice!

I tend to go to new places with an empty slate but I hadn't been sightseeing in Romania for a shamefully long period of time so I really didn't know what to expect. The city however didn't disappoint. Infinitely cleaner than Bucharest's busy streets, the main two squares were charming, dotted with traditional houses dating as far back as the 14th century, pedestrian wide streets and a perfectly seasonal Christmas fair.

Of the attractions I recommend are the Great and Small Square, clearly the converging points of the city where everything is within walking distance. Then, I would suggest the Brukental museum, the Great Cathedral, the Liars' Bridge (the symbol of the town) and the fortifications around the old city centre. 

We also had a nice day out and some much needed fresh air in the Astra Museum, an open air park displaying the best collection of traditional Romanian houses, windmills and micro-villages. Even with the biting frost, it was definitely worth the trek- which applies to the entire trip! A bit of a lazy ending, but you get where this is going :)

Council Tower, a fortification building since the 13th century, which off course you can climb :)

The Small Square and the spire of the Cathedral
Aerial view of the Liars' Bridge - has an interesting history, look it up if you're curious and have 2 minutes to spare

Sibiu fortifications from the 15th century, I think ?!?

Frozen lake from the Sibiu Zoo
My friend accurately demonstrating Darwin's evolution theory ^.^

Astra Museum

Trusty Uniqlo beanie + Zara coat, my mum's ancient vintage wool sweater (a life saver), Zara bag and Promod jeans


  1. I really loved your post, all the pictures are so beautiful and breath taking! I love the architecture and just the vibe :D


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