Wednesday, 6 November 2013

French brand of the month

I'm so happy I finally got round to sharing this on my blog! In short, in February of this year I heard of a new French brand - and knowing how obsessed I am with all things French, I just had to go there. This wondrous company goes by the name of Kure Bazzar and they're a environment and human friendly nail varnish brand.

I was instantly hooked by the 'non toxic' tag line because my nails are both fragile and easily stained so I kinda have a nightmare when removing nail polish. Kure Bazaar stated to go against artificial nail polish and I was very intrigued to say the least because how else can you make nail polish other than with chemicals?
Well, apparently there are other ways! For example, mixing wood pulp with potatoes, corn, cotton and wheat, how come no one ever though of that before eh?

Slightly odd ingredients aside, this nail polish really does the job! It's shiny and does not stain or fatigue the nails and the staying power is similar to OPI nail polishes. What really does it for me though is the colour range...I mean, they are the prettiest most chic shades I have ever seen. 

Until know I've only bought two shades, Rosemilk which is a ballerina white with pink tones and Bohemian which is the ultimate fall shade in a red, coppery, dead-leaves colour. I shall let the photos speak for themselves and you are most welcome! :)

The rest of the collection includes:

If you don't get the shopping itch, I don't know what more I can say! In the UK, these are available to buy from Selfridges but there's a more extensive list up on their website which you can access by clicking HERE.

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