Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bursting the Tea's Bubble

I'm keeping this post short and sweet since it's past midnight and I now have a fear of darkness and space thanks to 'Gravity' (if you see it in 3D you will basically die in the first 10 minutes).

A good few weeks ago I visited Shoreditch for the first time and was pleasantly surprised, although the tube ride was a bit of a hike. Nice markets (comparable to Notting Hill), great for music 'explorers' on the hunt for bands and genres you have never heard of and my first bubble tea experience at Milk Tea & Pearl. I definitely recommend the blossom tea with lychee beads things, although to this day I can't quite explain the concept of bubble tea.

Lunch at the Drunken Monkey

Creepy or not? I can't decide...

Remember THE bag? Took it 'for a ride' :)


  1. Love it! Great post doll!

    Love from Amsterdam!

  2. OMG, the food looks so good. I am immediately hungry.

    Dear, I have a very exclusive perfume giveaway. I would love if you would come and check it out.


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