Friday, 25 October 2013

Paris travel diary

In 36 days I will be back in my dear Paris. That will make it my second trip there, the first of which I haven't shared it on my blog.

I thought this time I'd do more of a travel photo diary rather than a day by day entry simply because it was more than 5 months ago and I can't remember the smaller details. I've chosen the most special photos though so it's a compact Paris experience. Or so I like to call it.

Montmartre hill
Montmartre Church
Visibly excited 
View from the top
Restaurant on the streets of Montmartre where the Impressionists used to come

Montmartre on a sunny day
Relic of the past - Moulin de la Galette

View of the Triumphal Arch from the Eiffel Tower

Cute postcards of Paris

Eiffel Tower first floor view
Eiffel Tower top floor view - pretty high up O.o

Best crepes in Paris, at the base of the Eiffel Tower

Sorbonne University, all going well I might study there one day 

Luxembourg gardens

The Medici Fountain - one of the most peaceful places in Paris
View of the capitol of the Pantheon

Musee d'Orsay

Former abandoned train station becomes a mecca for Impressionist art - a heaven!

One of the most spectacular rooms - does everyone else think this is an amazing wedding spot?

Lovers' bridge

Notre Damme de Paris

Flower market next to Notre Damme Cathedral, a must!

Mairie de Paris
A cute little restaurant
Arcade on Rue Saint-Honore
View of the Triumphal Arch from the Tuileries Gardens

The Louvre

Place Vendome, the quietest quarter in the heart of Paris
The Garnier Opera

Grand Cafe de la Paix
Floating Island - 'nuf said
Alexander bridge
Grand & Petit Palais
Centre Pompidou

Maxim's chocolate is the best
Bookinistes along the seine
Moulin Rouge oh la la!
.... aaand snails. Really, they taste like chicken ;)

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  1. My top Favorite place to Travel , fashion of Paris I love that…


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