Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dulwich picture gallery

On my quest of finding London's hidden gems, I took to Dulwich village. It's quite a trek away from where I live but the gallery looked so promising that I put up with an hour long drive. That being said, I think it best to take the train to North Dulwich station because it's probably quicker. 

Overall, I liked the cosy-ness of the gallery, counting one long gallery and 3 annexed rooms. It's relatively small but the clustered walls reminded me of the Wallace Collection and that being said, the artists displaied in Dulwich are equally as virtuous. Flemish artists such as Dou or Ruisdael, Gainsbourgh portraits, a few Rembrandts and Rubens' as well as Poussin and even a Fragonard (so excited!). 

If, like me, art makes you slightly peckish, fear no more! Further down the main road from the gallery is the perfect French cafe called Au Ciel. The French shop assistants are a guarantee for the authenticity of the products, which I can safely compare with the award winning and super-hyped William Curley desserts. Also, have a try of their chocolate milkshake ^.^

On the way back we had a pretty spectacular view, going through Vauxhall, Pimlico and Chelsea. Oh, I do love weekends!


  1. wow the paintings are stunning!♥ love the floral detail!:)


    1. I love being able to use macro photography with paintings, the small details are sometimes the best :) Glad you liked it!


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