Saturday, 14 September 2013

Touchdown in Camden Town

You can clearly tell these pictures were taken a few weeks ago; there's no trace of sun or blue skies for a hundred miles in each cardinal direction.
I thought I'd make a short travel post about London. Weirdly enough, one of the biggest cities in the world and I somehow avoid doing posts on visiting London. Anyway, for my friend's birthday we went on a tour of east and north-east London starting from the O2 arena to the Emirates Airline cable car (so not worth the hype or money really) to Camden Town.
After changing from DLR to railway to tube (don't ask me how, I have no idea) we arrived in around Camden Town area but 2 tube stops away...which meant we got lost for about an hour, walking around and trying to get to Camden market. We did however see the Arsenal stadium and I really like the shot of the concrete letters at the entrance, very arty if I say so myself.
To be put in a few words, Camden market is a cacophonous place of bohemians and mohawks and it's quite easy to get lost. That being said, it's also quite easy to find hidden gems and I dreaded the fact that I only had £5 with me. Not advisable I tell you. 
In an open air market full of food stalls I found one of the best crepe places since Paris and indulged a little in a massive Nutella pancake. I wish I could say I exercised it off but that would be a lie. And as if this wasn't enough, we ended up eating at Shaka Zulu, a restaurant/bar about which I had read in an article entitled 'Weird places to eat in London'. Promising no? 
It's known for the Harrods-like interior with full wooden panelling and life size sculptures inspired by African culture and quite strange dishes like the zebra and ostrich burgers we had. They didn't taste of anything strange in particular so we're not completely convinced that's what we had. 
And finally, a cheeky little outfit post kindly taken by my friend who had to put up with my horrible posing. 
It was unbelievably hot that day so I whipped out my Anthropology Holding Horses shorts for the first time in London (!) and paired them with a super-sheer Zara top, Hobbs' platform sandals, my trusty Zara shopper and Moschino sunglasses for when the sun was just too generous. Something for which it is probably compensating now...

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