Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The one where I confess my love for Valentino

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I feel like the couture fall collection needs no words. And if they do appear, they need to be as pompous and grand as they can because the collection is the most regal and refined I have seen so far in my 4 year career of adoring Valentino.

Not only it has my (half) name but I feel like Chiuri and Piccioli's designs are exactly what I would create myself if I had any talent/was in the business/ could afford it. All their collections are unfailingly made up of skirts and dresses, with the odd jumpsuit gliding away gracefully on the catwalk, always encouraging to embrace our femininity.

Having said their creations are regal, it's always in the non-ostentatious sense of the word and I feel like their presence is never overpowering or attention-seeking as other designs can come across. Instead, it's the perfect formulation for the chic 21st century woman who loves Vermeer. Sarah Mower puts it very well by saying that the dresses are 'Renaissance' and 'virginal'. Never tacky always classy in other words.

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The models loose none of their femininity or sex appeal in the floor-length, a-line skirts and collared, slim tops. In comparison to other designers, Valentino uses a whole lot of fabric but that's where the beauty lies. Every inch of every garment is so delicate and ornate that even the thickest of taffetas appears as the most diaphanous lace. 

And don't even get me started on the colour scheme. The blood-coral, deep bordeaux and cold ivories are a match made in heaven and it's actually quite quirky how they've mixed aquatic elements such as shells on fall couture but I suppose it adds to the whole mythical illusion. 

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I don't know if I've explicitly said so but I dream of Valentino... or at least I will for a while.

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