Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pre-beach detox recipe

Not to make you jealous or anything but when you'll be reading this post, chances are I'll either be tanning the melanin out of me on the boat deck or having some local food in a cute Croatian village. Either one of the two, I'm not picky.

However, this much amount of relaxation requires some preparation and for me, it took the shape of this drink. It's an easy summer recipe for a fresh drink that you drink from dusk till dawn.

You have to make it in the evening and leave it to infuse over night. In the morning, just pour some of it in a glass, add some more water and then jazz it up however you want - I chose strawberries but any floating fruit will do I guess.

The ingredients are:
Some sliced cucumber (I used approximately half)
Some thinly sliced ginger root (as per taste - I just ripped a section off then sliced it)
The juice of a lime and then put the skin in there as well
Chopped mint
Some water - just enough to cover all the ingredients

And that's it! The most refreshing summer drink ever and a great energizer too.

Bon appetit!

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