Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ahoy sailor - Croatia days 4, 5 and 6

Continuing from the last post, we left Hvar and Palmezana marina to see the Natural Reservation of Lastovo. There, we stopped in a small gulf with warm water so we could cool off from the outside heat. A little goofing around in the sea and one of the best watermellons afterward made for the best break off sailing. 
Sailing out of the gulf, we were out in the open sea. The dead calm of the waters were so peaceful and since we were in the bit in between Croatia and Italy, there were relics of bunkers from the war in between the two countries. So strange seeing natural beauty that you'd associate with a relaxing holiday being tinted with memories of war and suffering.
For the night, we moored in Portorossa, a small deck with a local restaurant. The food they serve is authentic fisherman food and it's seriously tasty, especially the carpaccio and traditionally 'peka' cooked octopus, but you should book a table as soon as you can, even a day in advance. 
Next morning saw us bathing in the best waters we've seen so far in Croatia. It's a small secluded gulf in around Cesvinica (you'll see quite a few boats anchored there) and the water is very shallow, sandy and super clear. Not to mention a gazillion types of fish swimming in between your feet. It was so enjoyable we took 2 hours to leave, especially since we didn't need swimming shoes for once!
On our way to Vis island, I also got the opportunity to steer the boat. The most daunting thing ever, I literally winged at every little wave...
We spent the night in Komiza, the cutest little fisherman's port. It's very lively with lots of restaurants and also lots of places where to rent scooters. Now that sounded fun! We took 2 red scooters and toured the island in about 3 hours. The views were magnificent and it was one of the best memory of the entire holiday. It was only topped off by an amazing octopus stew with polenta...
On the last day, we went to explore the Blue Caves and hiked a little on the rocks. Pictures of that are to come soon :) 
The rest of the afternoon, after arriving at Kastel marina to check in our boat, was spent in Split where we got by the 37 and 17 buses. The old walled city was really lovely as the classical music from Verdi's Nabucco was heard on the narrow streets of the city. We only had a few hours to spare and were very hungry so food was on top of the list. Walking around, we found this cute oil bar called Uje, the first in Croatia apparently. It was one of the most special dining experiences ever. The waiters were so friendly and nice, the food was very tasty and had an authentic taste and so it was an overall win. I highly recommend the cheese boards and the fresh fish - it was absolutely amazing. 
The next day we woke up at 4 am to catch our flight to Zagreb from where we got to London after an interminable flight characterised by dinosaur sounds made by the 3 children in front of me. At 8 am with only 3 hours on board, I was not having it at all. The sunrise from the first day was there to bid me farewell too as stormy weather was predicted to arrive - best time to leave I think. 


  1. You are lucky! it looks wonderful

    1. I really am, travelling is a great hobby and I'd recommend it to everyone :D

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    1. Thank you! I must say I love your blog name :)


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