Monday, 8 July 2013

Movie Review: The Bling Ring

I am a massive Sofia Coppola fan. I love the way she interprets society's faults and in a way, makes you sympathise with the bad guys. Before seeing 'The Bling Ring', I would highly recommend you seeing 'Marie Antoinette'.

That way, maybe you'll be able to recognise the 'eye candy' motif of Sofia Coppola. Think modern music with a good beat, closeup pan shots of shoes and jewelry and bags and cool graphics. She had me at the opening sequence. 

The movie lasted for only 90 minutes which I think is more than enough for the story to follow its course. For those of you who haven't seen the trailer - HERE - and don't know the story - HERE - it's the true account of a teenage group who went on 'shopping' sprees in celebrity houses and partied like there's no tomorrow. One would attribute the phrase of 'YOLO' to this movie but this is where Sofia works her magic. 
On one hand, it seems like the movie is glamorising the frivolous, unaware, shallowness of these vain teenagers. I'm afraid to confess, it makes you want to live like them a little bit. As much as you know that the consequences to their actions will eventually catch up with their antics, you just want to see how far they can take it, how many bags, clothes, money and drugs CAN they take? I say take because I feel that the word 'steal' would imply malicious intentions but it seems that they were more motivated by the celebrity culture that's so prominent in our society - especially with young people - and wanting to be 'pretty'. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the movie, from the story, to the acting, to the music, to the cinematography. Fangirling-over-Sofia-Coppola-moment over now! :)

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