Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bucharest Botanical Garden

A trip down memory lane in my hometown took me to the Botanical Garden in Bucharest. It used to be such a nice park, with lovely flower arrangements and a greenhouse that probably planted my love for orchids but I left on quite a low note.
There's clearly a lack of funds to maintain the garden with tickets priced at only 2,5 lei for students and 5 lei for adults (that's about 50p and £1), combined with a lack of skilled botanists that actually have a passion for their profession and with the neglect public places such as this face in Romania. When the sun shines all day, why would you willingly go into the same shopping mall, exposed to the neon lighting and stale air?
Whilst I clearly miss my hometown, there are so many aspects of the daily life that are so wrong but I'll be diving into those issues another time, I need some hindsight in order to pronounce myself on the subject.
I'll leave you with some photos of the garden, of which I only chose the best, and of my outfit that day, made out of a Zara pink top, TK Maxx sunglasses, Pilgrim's necklace, Wearhouse capri trousers (which I lovee) and my favorite sandals from Hobb's which are on sale, yey for that!

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