Monday, 24 June 2013

Luxembourg days five and six

I'm mixing the two days in together because of 2 reasons: the last day included our lunch-time departure and there are no interesting photos from our last day so I couldn't really make a post out of that one.
No harm done because day five was pretty cool too.
It started quite promising with what must be the best five euros I have ever spent : buying the French duck at a stand at the Easter Day antiques fair. It was so lively and full of people, as if all of Luxembourg suddenly decided to take to the streets. You could find everything there, including some amazing necklaces priced at 'just' 160 euros, which I would have bought were it not for my previous purchase (joking obviously).

Our next thing on our touristy-list was the train station where we were scheduled for the 11:15 train to Trier in Germany. We decided to go get our passports from the hotel some 20 minutes before the train left the station...turns out we wouldn't need it. Great exercise though.

Our journey there was so comfortable, we had one of those new double decked trains that seem to run on air. I love trains for the fact that you can just enjoy the scenery and I guess there's just something really romantic about trains, my brain makes strange Charlotte Bronte connections here with the landscape.
Once arrived we discovered that the city centre of Trier is quite compact, all interest points being relatively close to one another. We started with the Roman vestiges and made our way up to main square and then the Cathedral, which is a must see. It's huge and I also think it's interesting how they kept the Romanesque architecture instead of making in Gothic or Baroque but in this sense it matches the medieval feel of the centre.

Because all shops were closed, I could do nothing more than stare and sigh. I do however recommend that you go in at dm (Drogeriemarkt) for all things bath related -they smell sooo good- and Kennel & Schmenger for cute looking flats. Oh and also eat at Nordsee, it's the best food you can get and I can't wait to have some when I'll be in Romania in two weeks' time. Just before we had to go back to Luxembourg I stopped at Coffee Fellows to get some waffles, which were tasty, and a hot ice cream shake, which was not. Sadly, our train back was...let's just say 'not modern'. Anyhow, it was two carriages long and it did the job.

On our last day, we left our luggage at the hotel reception and went for a final stroll around the city. We got breakfast on the street from this charcuterie whose name I cannot remember, a massive sandwich with literally everything in it. I wrote it down as having a dark green name plate and it being on the intersection between Rue Genistre and Rue Philippe II. We then killed some time at the Musee du Luxembourg which is by the way huge. On 5 levels huge, I mean. Towards the top levels, they had quite a good impressionist collection of landscapes and some sketches by Victor Hugo. Lunch consisted in a quiche and chicory salad at Chocolate House, the oldest house in Luxembourg dating from the 16th history (I think). To make the imminent parting less painful, I got a tartelette au citron and a daquois cake from Kaempff-Koheller to eat on the airport. That's me, numbing sadness with food :).

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