Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Luxembourg day three

This one didn't get to a very smooth start. We were planning to driving to Metz and since that takes about two hours, we were meant to wake up earlier to get there before 12am. Yeah...that didn't happen. Our feet were so soar after the museum night that we slept in and got to the airport to get our car at 11am. Not quite on schedule.
It is however a holiday so no harm done. When we arrived in Metz we parked at the Opera (weirdly enough, it smelled so nice in that car park, I don't know if they used perfume or whatever but just putting it out there in case anyone's interested - right, let's move on) and we were in front of the Metz Cathedral in 2 minutes. Across from it is a French farmer's market with such amazing products, it just made you want to buy all types of cheeses and oysters and fruit whilst devising a gym plan at the same time.

Keeping on the theme of food, I really recommend 'Aux Merveilleux' which sell amazing -hence the title- meringue based deserts, just mouthwatering.

My dad wanted to do some sort of itinerary, I'm not very sure, but we ended up following the dragon path, which is signaled on the streets and they have different paths to visit different parts of the city. Place Saint-Louis was very interesting because of its medieval arcades, quite unusual I think. After a wandering around, we ended up walking through Centre Commercial Saint-Jacques (horrible, don't even think of going in there) and onto Rue Serpenoise also known as where-all-the-shops-are street. At the end of it is Arsenal Museum and I was hoping to get to see the Antimafia exhibition they had on but thanks to it being the day before Easter it was closed by the time I got there -sad face. 
Dinner consisted in traditional tartiflette followed by a super-tasty cafe liegeois and then a late night trip to the local Carrefour which might well be one of my favourite things about France.


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