Saturday, 8 June 2013

Luxembourg day one

At the end of march, my family and I went on a short 4 day trip to the small duchy of Luxembourg to celebrate Easter (but really, to escape the miserable weather in London). After a 45 minute flight, certainly a plus, we were greeted by wind, ice and snow on the tiny airport which was more or less the length of our plane. Our genius escape plan had certainly failed but we were -more or less- cautious and brought thick woollen coats and sweaters...basically our London spring wardrobe.

Anyways, weather aside, from the airport we took one of the buses, I think it was number 16, down to the Luxembourg train station from which we had to drag our suitcases to 35 rue du Laboratoire where our Novotel hotel was. It was more of a practical choice to be honest because the room itself was definitely too small for 3 people and the mini fridge was certainly too small to accommodate the kilograms of cheese we had bought - I mean, when next to France, that's a capital mistake! We had a rest and then took to the city streets.

We crossed one of the main bridges to pass the national cathedral, the statue of freedom and then the main square. I highly recommend Koempff-Koheler for deserts, they had an awesome tartelette citron. From there we passed the Palais Ducal opposite which is a lovely Chocolate house that I'll talk about in Day 4 I think :).

                                                                       Thanks dad for the photobombing... 

Round the corner was a pretty library called 'ernster' that sold books in English, French and German, and the environment certainly inspired me to buy a few poetry volumes and Moliere's 'Tartuffe'. We then wandered around the commercial streets but generally, shops are quite expensive in Luxembourg and whilst I was hoping for a similar shoe-variety scene as in Amsterdam I was very disappointed.

We ended our day in a little square which might as well be my favorite place in Luxembourg where we ate at L'Academie - seriously good food and massive portions, just what we needed after a long day out!

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